You can plot results and edited results using the plot method, which interfaces with matplotlib.

> plot edited as bar chart with title as 'Example plot' and x_label as 'Subcorpus'
> plot edited as area chart with stacked and colours as Paired
> plot edited with style as seaborn-talk # defaults to line chart

There are many possible arguments for customising the figure. The table below shows some of them.

> plot edited as bar chart with rot as 45 and logy and \
...    legend_alpha as 0.8 and show_p_val and not grid
Argument Type Action
grid bool Show grid in background
rot int Rotate x axis labels n degrees
shadow bool Shadows for some parts of plot
ncol int n columns for legend entries
explode list Explode these entries in pie
partial_pie bool Allow plotting of pie slices
legend_frame bool Show frame around legend
legend_alpha float Opacity of legend
reverse_legend bool Reverse legend entry order
transpose bool Flip axes of DataFrame
logx/logy bool Log scales
show_p_val bool Try to show p value in legend


If you want to set a boolean value, you can just say and value or and not value. If you like, however, you could write it more fully as with value as true/false as well.